The Loft Card Pass can be used for 10 Classes of your Choice. It is Valid from 2 months of first use. Cost per Class drop in is €14 , meaning a saving of €40.


Instructed in a firm but playful manner, with loving devotion & sincere respect towards vinyasa flow yoga.

The Loft is a warm , professional, humble, non-competitive space, from which healthy friendly communities can grow. We Aim for Progress, Not Perfection.

Our bodies soak up the stresses and strains of life like a sponge, they change from day to day depending on what we eat and drink, our emotional ups and downs and the demands of life and work. With this in mind, warm yoga flow at the loft is an intense physical journey inward. With quiet determination we strengthen our bodies and the concentration it requires strengthens our minds & body, removing layers of stress, baggage and mental chatter.

Yogi & Pilates 10 Class Pass